Adopted: Why me?

Adopted: Why me?

"What were you doing in Mr. Olsens office Rahnee!?"
"Nothing he asked for me Mrs. Olsen I promise".
Mrs.Olsen looked at me with her bold green eyes. Her long brown hair hung down her back and her bold red lipstick scared the hell out of me. She gripped the belt tighter to her hands as she grabbed my chin and forced me to look into her surreptitious eyes.
"Tell me the truth Rahnee!"
"I promise Mrs. Olsen!"
Tears ran from my eyes as Mrs. Olsen looked at me close.
"Pull down your pants".
More tears fell hard like a waterfall as I pulled down my pants. My short black hair was now sweaty tangled strands. I bent over as a hard belt buckle hit my butt.
I wailed in pain.
She was so stupid. I loathed Mrs. Olsen, she always beat me but never did she listen to me of what I had to say. I can hear her words rang in my head.
"You're a lousy bitch. I'm sending yo ass back tomorrow morning!"

Rape, abuse, family, love, adopted
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you should really write more this book but you also need to tell us all that happened when she was at mrs.olsens house and how she even got into mr.olsens office anyways. its very good though ive always loved your work!!

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Wow Thankyou! Yes it’s just been really hectic but I will get back writing as soon as possible

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