Joan Of Arc

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Joan Of Arc
Never Perhaps In Modern Times Had A Country Sunk So Low As France,
When, In The Year 1420, The Treaty Of Troyes Was Signed. Henry V. Of
England Had Made Himself Master Of Nearly The Whole Kingdom; And
Although The Treaty Only Conferred The Title Of Regent Of France On
The English Sovereign During The Lifetime Of The Imbecile Charles Vi.,
Henry Was Assured In The Near Future Of The Full Possession Of The
French Throne, To The Exclusion Of The Dauphin. Henry Received With
The Daughter Of Charles Vi. The Duchy Of Normandy, Besides The Places
Conquered By Edward Iii. And His Famous Son; And Of Fourteen Provinces
Left By Charles V. To His Successor Only Three Remained In The Power
Of The French Crown. The French Parliament Assented To These Hard
Conditions, And But One Voice Was Raised In Protest To The
Dismemberment Of France; That Solitary Voice, A Voice Crying In A
Wilderness, Was That Of Charles The Dauphin--Afterwards Charles Vii.
Henry V. Had Fondly Imagined That By The Treaty Of Troyes And His
Marriage With A French Princess The War, Which Had Lasted Over A
Century Between The Two Countries, Would Now Cease, And That France
Would Lie For Ever At The Foot Of England. Indeed, Up To Henry's
Death, At The End Of August 1422, Events Seemed To Justify Such Hopes;
But After A Score Of Years From Henry's Death France Had Recovered
Almost The Whole Of Her Lost Territory.

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