Christianity Turned Jesus’ Mission of Life Into a Church

This book is Destruction # 7 of 12 Of Christianity Destroyed Jesus Von:
Christianity Turned  Jesus’ Mission of Life Into a Church

Jesus commanded that we follow him in his Mission in order “to save,” instead of enter a church in order “to be saved.”


Following Jesus is a “discipleship for world liberation,” not “church membership for personal salvation.”


Where people are gathered to give worship to God through ceremonial chanting, singing, dancing, listening to a sermon, and offering money for the life of the church, there you can find the Christian CHURCH OF PAUL.  On the other hand, where people are gathered to give care and help to one another for the glory of God, there you can find the CHURCH OF JESUS.


Indeed, the true church of Jesus is a TOOL to bring life to the world, more than a PLACE where we can go and save our individual souls.



Receiving Jesus in our hearts is receiving his Mission to renew the world, rather than taking our position as one that is already saved in the world.




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