The Voyage Of The Logos Hope

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The Voyage Of The Logos Hope

This is a story that needs to be told and I thank the Lord that Rodney Hui who
 lives on Logo Hope and who has been one of the main leaders of OM in Asia 
has written it, together with George Simpson.

It was on the night of 10 Sept 2001 while Logos II was in London that we launched the next ship project at the Emmanuel Centre. I was sailing out of London the
 next day, the 11th, when that fateful event took place in New York City.

Only eternity will tell the full story of the spiritual battles that were
 fought and won to bring into being this much bigger, amazing ship that we have seen God using since we took delivery in 2004. I hope you will read this book with a spirit of expectation and also a
 willingness to learn something about God and the way He works.

The table of contents is in front of me and part of the manuscript and I
 believe those who will take the time to read this book are going to be informed, challenged and blessed. Thousands of people pray for this
 ministry and support it including many former and present ship ministry

I hope some read what I am writing here as on behalf of our entire
 global movement. I want to thank every one of them. You can be sure I will
 be giving some of you a copy of this unique book. Thank you Rodney and George.

Dr. George Verwer
Founder, Operation Mobilisation

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