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The Heart of Elvis

User: Rgabel
The Heart of Elvis
Elvis is a Missouri Fox Trotter who is one unforgettable character. This is a collection of short stories about his adventures. The complete book can now be found on and Barnes & Noble.

horse, riding, teaching, cattle, shows
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Robynn, I really enjoyed these stories. Your love shone through every page and I found the stories engaging, personable, humorous and much more. Very well done!

Wichtiger Beitrag

Its a nice start to a nice book. Is it a true story??? Is Elvis still with you???
And don't worry, we've all known a horse like Elvis although i think a city girl going for the most dasy mare she could find was a bit on the dim side lol but thats just cause im a country girl and know these things, your were just ignorent :)
This is such a nice story for horse lovers and and people who have never even seen a horse alike, i will... mehr anzeigen

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Yes, it is a true story. Elvis is still with me and gives autographs! LOL I agree with you . My first choice of horses was not a good one. Elvis fixed that for me. The book is finished and is on sale at Thank you for reading and your wonderful comments! Robynn

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The Heart of Elvis was previously known as "Elvis Has Left the Barn". Recently completed, this has become a collection of short stories about a character of a horse that taught me how to become a horseman. You can purchase the complete book at:

Thank you!
Robynn Gabel

The Heart of Elvis: Robynn Gabel: Kindle Store The Heart of Elvis: Robynn Gabel: Kindle Store
Wichtiger Beitrag

Robynn, these are a couple of sweet stories about your horse. I know nothing of horses (except one ride at a stable when I was 15. After 2 minutes, we met another horse on the trail and my horse turned around and followed him home...end of ride) I tried to think of your horse as I would a dog! Can't wait to read more.

Wichtiger Beitrag

Poor Darrell (husband). You are right. I'm so use to writing in the 'abstract' that I forget this is real life. I'm currently working on getting permission from the friends on the usage of their names as well. I read up on 'defamation of character' and the laws pertaining to that. You have to be very, very careful in using private names. I found it interesting you mentioned last names. I will go back and play with that. Glad... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

Loved it, Robynn! I know it isn't a "story", but a reminisence, reminissense, know that word...I easily got caught up in the beginning of what I anticipate is going to be a much longer series. Love is like that:)
You showed us so well! Elvis, who not very many people knowledgable about equines would have chosen, selected you immediately. The bond is forged. Nice.

I am wondering, though...would it benefit the story... mehr anzeigen

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