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Soul Mate

User: Rgabel
Soul Mate
There is more than one way to meet your soul mate

Soul Mate, Partnership, Love
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I like how you described the perfect soul mate. You have a way with words. Whether one finds a connection of kindred spirits with a person or a horse or whatever, it is still just as meaningful. Friendship is beautiful, no matter the form it takes. I have voted for you.

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We sometimes turn our back from someone when we’ve been hurt by another. But that someone might indeed be our soul mate. I guess once a soul mate will always be a soul mate. He will be there unexpectedly in our life. I can relate to you. Voted up!

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You have shown what beauty can be found in these magnificent creatures.Well done. Serena

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I had a little mare when I was younger. She was my best friend. I love this poem it makes me smile. good luck .. voted

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