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User: Rgabel
This is Example Before, after it has been edited professionally. Note the flow, tension, and shorter word count. Grammar, sentence structure and comma use are now correct.

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It takes a village, huh?
I did see a marked difference. A leanness, now, which pushes the story forward at a slightly faster pace. Same basic information, but the flow is a bit better.
I agree with your recent editor's suggestions for improving what started out very good to begin with.

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And your reply proves my point exactly. As writers we all want to think our work is so wonderful, and we've worked so hard on editing, that is is without error. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. If we want to succeed as authors, sell books, we have to make sure it is the best it can be. I hated the first chapter, but now love it. Took a lot out of my pride and brain to do it, but it was worth it. A second pair of... mehr anzeigen

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The two examples are like night and day. I read the first page of BEFORE and became so agitated that I raced over to AFTER and enjoyed it immensely. Smooth, perfect punctuation and lovely flow. You were correct to have it edited.

I found three teeny tiny things to fix, but have sent the to you privately. Sometimes it takes several sets of eyes to fine tune ones work.

You are doing so well, Robynn. I cannot wait to read the whole book. xx

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I hope to do so in the next month, right here at BookRix. So excited that you could see the difference! Thanks for checking it out. Robynn

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