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Sol's Science Fiction Thirdly Magazine

This inaugural issue of Sol’s Sci-fi Thirdly contains original stories from Jo Ling Ko (I Will If I Can), Cella Evanston Reed (We Are All Afraid Of Fire), Art Brindle (Do Robots Bury Their Dead?), Jose Cunnan (Like the advert said ‘it’s all for free’), Anna Bryson (Drop All Bad Habits, Pseudo-earthwoman. Your People Need You), Victoria Tomencosa (Finding Eleanor) and Robson Finsin (Ouish).


In ‘I Will If I Can’ a woman discovers she’s married to a man she suspects to be an alien and decides to find out what happened to her real husband. In ‘We Are All Afraid Of Fire’ an exiled alien goes back home after learning that his persecutor has died. In ‘Do Robots Bury Their Dead?’ two mobots find themselves lost and enslaved by humans. In ‘Like The Advert Said, ‘It’s All For Free,’ a married woman decides to have her consciousness transferred into a mechanical body with interesting results. In ‘Drop All Bad Habits, Pseudo-earthwoman. Your People Need You,’ two homicide detectives learn to work together despite one not trusting the other and their having different skills. In ‘Finding Eleanor’ two elderly parents decide to search for their missing daughter with the aid of their sworn enemy and lastly in ‘Ouish’ an alien decides to start a worldwide revolution on his homeplanet.


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