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"I Watered Reba's Grave Today"

"I Watered Reba's Grave Today"
Hard to say good-bye

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No one who has not loved a pet could understand how I think still with a sigh of a white cat and the friend who stayed away form school to mourn his death with me, now over sixty years ago.

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A compassionate animal advocate who shares her deepest feelings about the life shared with her beloved companion!
Written Straight From The Heart!

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...and these words of encouragement and support that keep a writer's spirit alive.

Many, many thanks :)


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The title drew me in, and the words captured my heart. Absolutely wonderful!

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Wow, I loved it! It was magnificent. I can kind of relate to this story in a way because I once had a dog named Daisy, she was a black lab. We had to get rid of her because we were moving and we couldn't have her there. I cried and I still miss her a lot. She was mine I picked her out and named her. Great Job tho!!

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and found another poem that 'watered' my keyboard...

I, like you, find it too hard to let go. Animals give such unconditional love; they are God's ambassadors, if we can but open our eyes and hearts.

This is a late - I'm sorry for your loss but as we are always carrying our past pets in our heart, take comfort for she is waiting patiently....Paula

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What an absolutely beautiful way of offering a tribute to our loving little friends :)

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I don't really think to look to see if anyone has posted on my "Reba" poem. I put this here, well...because I could..:)
Thank you for your condolences. I just read Lee's beautiful piece here, and I think he has a much healthier feeling for the loss of a pet than I do. The memories are all good, and the love is always there.


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A love like this can never die,
and even through a whetted eye, there is no parting sorrow.

A love held deep, within our heart, can never leave, or ever part, and keeps there till the morrow.

A sweetened memory, never leaves, it never dies, and never grieves. A pets love is, forever.

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