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Sage Super Lunar

Sage Super Lunar

I have a proposition for you. Get those Cops out of your house.The cops were walking with their red boxers. This wasn't Magic Mike show but it was so hot outside. The young prime cut Hollywood babes were in there red dot polka dot bikinis. This women name was "Whila pheneia" what modeling agency this Wilhemina was like no other model picture of the Mona Lisa what a sex trip planet smiling at the Mona Lisa not feeling guilty for her sins was she running "SexPhene" no way.Have some cosmic lady class my Dear Prudence you always come out of your box to play.Her best friend was named Selextra always the fun girl with the extras she replied where is the crew. We need to get started with the show if you know what I mean. I need a sex-planation please right now before he comes.The crew was getting themselves dressed for the occasion red boxers for their twinset boobs these were not your average cup of ladies. Please sped up my coffee I will need it for this show.  But seeing something in your vision took over burning down the house so much talk two heads no way not with my red panties If there was ever a magic show now was the time. Please put a young spell on this old men.There has got to be a better way Another proposition I am always in the wrong compromising position.

The House was desirable fun

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Romance, Fantasy, Spiritual, Sc Fi
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