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Letter from Freedom

Letter from Freedom
Jack Richardson carries himself as though he owns the world. In reality, he is laying claim to an increasing portion of it. A thirty-six-year-old multibillionaire, he has purchased a tiny island, Atlantica, whose inhabitants enjoy a lifestyle that stands in complete opposition to Western civilization.

Liz Lyons needs a job, and she wants to put as much distance between herself and her ex-husband as possible. When Jack offers her a teaching position in Atlantica, she jumps at the opportunity. She is more than willing to live in a primitive society for a few years if it means earning double her previous salary. Liz is immediately drawn to Jack, who appears to return her feelings despite their vast differences in wealth and upbringing. But she also is drawn to the Atlanticans' way of life, which is based on personal autonomy and deep spiritual connectedness. As she becomes more and more involved with Jack and with the Atlantican people, Liz realizes that she will need to make a choice.

Will she remain forever in the first place where she has ever truly belonged, or return to civilization with the man she loves?

Letters from Love is a seven-novel saga that tells five fresh and engaging love stories. Spanning almost five hundred years, the series will give you a new appreciation for your own glorious potential.

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