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The Square Root Of 3

User: paul
The Square Root Of 3
What Follows Are The First 1 Million Digits Of the Square Root Of 3. Actually,
Slightly More Than 1 Million Digits Are Given Here. These Digits Were Computed
By Robert Nemiroff (George Mason University And Nasa Goddard Space Flight
Center) Checked By Jerry Bonnell (University Space Research Association And
Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center). They Were Computed During spare Time On A
Vax Alpha Class Machine Over The Course Of a Weekend. We Do Not Guarantee The
Accuracy Of these Digits. Although These Digits Have Been Checked Once We
Encourage Others To Check Them As Well.

We Have Computed At Least 10 Million Digits Of the Square Root Of
Two As Well As Several Digits Of the Number E And The Square Roots Of other
Numbers. These Are Available On This Mosaic Server (Url:
Http://Antwrp.Gsfc.Nasa.Gov/Htmltest/Rjn.Html). We Welcome Comments.

- Robert Nemiroff And Jerry Bonnell

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