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St Ives (Fiscle Part 3)

User: silviya
St Ives (Fiscle Part 3)
It Was In The Month Of May 1813 That I Was So Unlucky As To Fall At
Last Into The Hands Of The Enemy. My Knowledge Of The English
Language Had Marked Me Out For A Certain Employment. Though I
Cannot Conceive A Soldier Refusing To Incur The Risk, Yet To Be
Hanged For A Spy Is A Disgusting Business; And I Was Relieved To Be
Held A Prisoner Of War. Into The Castle Of Edinburgh, Standing In
The Midst Of That City On The Summit Of An Extraordinary Rock, I
Was Cast With Several Hundred Fellow-Sufferers, All Privates Like
Myself, And The More Part Of Them, By An Accident, Very Ignorant,
Plain Fellows. My English, Which Had Brought Me Into That Scrape,
Now Helped Me Very Materially To Bear It.

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