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Neuralgia - Nerve pain treated with Homeopathy and Schuessler salts (homeopathic cell salts)

A homeopathic and naturopathic guide Von:
Neuralgia - Nerve pain treated with Homeopathy and Schuessler salts (homeopathic cell salts)

Neuralgia is nerve pain that occurs when a nerve is irritated or inflammed and can happen in any part of the body. The severe, stabbing and burning pain spreads along the involved nerve pathways.

Types of neuralgia are central neuralgia (originating in the spinal cord or brain), peripheral neuralgia (originating in the peripheral nervous system), postherpetic neuralgia (after an infection with shingles), intercostal neuralgia (nerve pain that occurs around the ribs), trigeminal neuralgia (stabbing face pain), occipital neuralgia (nerve pain in the upper neck, back of the head and behind the eyes), cranial neuralgia (headaches), pudendal neuralgia (pain in the buttocks, scrotum, penis, vulva, perineum and urethra) and glossopharyngeal neuralgia (pain in the neck, tongue and throat).

In this naturopathic adviser, I will give you recommendations how to treat and prevent neuralgia with Homeopathy, Schuessler salts (also named cell salts, tissue salts) and herbal tinctures. I will present you the most proven homeopathic remedies and Schuessler salts, including the appropriate potency and dosage. I wish you much success, joy of life and especially your health.

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