A History Of English Literature

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A History Of English Literature

The Britons. The Present English Race Has Gradually Shaped Itself Out Of
Several Distinct Peoples Which Successively Occupied Or Conquered The
Island Of Great Britain. The Earliest One Of These Peoples Which Need Here
Be Mentioned Belonged To The Celtic Family And Was Itself Divided Into Two
Branches. The Goidels Or Gaels Were Settled In The Northern Part Of The
Island, Which Is Now Scotland, And Were The Ancestors Of The Present
Highland Scots. On English Literature They Exerted Little Or No Influence
Until A Late Period. The Britons, From Whom The Present Welsh Are
Descended, Inhabited What Is Now England And Wales; And They Were Still
Further Subdivided, Like Most Barbarous Peoples, Into Many Tribes Which
Were Often At War With One Another. Though The Britons Were Conquered And
Chiefly Supplanted Later On By The Anglo-Saxons, Enough Of Them, As We
Shall See, Were Spared And Intermarried With The Victors To Transmit
Something Of Their Racial Qualities To The English Nation And Literature.

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