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The Law-Breakers And Other Stories (fiscle part-9)

User: silviya
The   Law-Breakers And Other Stories (fiscle part-9)

George Colfax Was In an Outraged frame Of Mind, And Properly So.
Politically Speaking, George Was What Might Be Called, For Lack Of A
Better Term, A Passive Reformer. That Is, He Read Religiously The New
York _Nation_, Was Totally Opposed to The Spoils System Of Party
Rewards, And Was Ostensibly As Right-Minded a Citizen As One Would
Expect To Find In a Sabbath Day'S Journey. He Subscribed one Dollar A
Year To The Civil-Service Reform Journal, And Invariably Voted on
Election Day For The Best Men, Cutting out In advance The Names Of The
Candidates Favored by The Law And Order League Of His Native City, And
Carrying them To The Polls In order To Jog His Memory.

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