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A Predetermined Course Of Events

User: shibashi
A Predetermined Course Of Events

Captain Robert Wallace investigates the murder of a mentally handicapped African-American girl who comes from a dysfunctional family and is forced to live most of the time on the street. Her time on the street and her association with

men create a list of possible suspects .

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Page 67 at the bottom we have a case of a repeated word 'so so' instead of 'so do'. I have spotted about five of these type errors. They are not frequent and unless you are going public with the novels I wouldn't worry about them. If you plan to go public I would suggest a thorough edit.

By the way, good novel. I'm enjoying it very much. Thanks for sharing.

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Another example, page 73 half way down... "That sounds reasonable. I'll wait for you call," I suspect this was meant to be, 'your call,' although it might have been, 'you to call,' Minor errors but distracting and sufficient to possibly raise the ire of a prospective editor if... mehr anzeigen

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Another fine mystery by the master. I do admire your attention to details. You must either have experienced much of the crime fighter's environment or did a lot of research.

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