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Dark Wings

User: eowyn15
Dark Wings
Jay is one of the Fallen angles, his wings and hair darker than night. He is different from other Fallen, however, in that he doesn't have an evil hair (or feather, for that matter) on his body. He wants to change; to be different.

Raina is a lonely, 18 year old girl living in Azure, a small town in Montana. She lives with an abusive father, who is her last living relative. She keeps mostly to herself, and doesn't have any real true friends...until she meets Jay.

What will happen when Jay is assigned to be Raina's Guardian angel? Will Jay help lift Raina up, and show her what the world has to offer?

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Christiana Hinojosa

Please update this book I want to know what happens please.

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◔_◔ ︀↪ ︀➭ WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?eowyn15_1402895048.8204929829

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Hello can you please message me when you update the book as I find it an amazing book so far.,

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