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30 days without social network

User: ritayoung
30 days without social network
When I understood, that I’m social network addict, I decided to conduct experiment on myself.
I decided not to log in my social network account for 30 days. Yes, there’s life outside your social network account. Hope you’ll like my book. It’s like a diary.

social network, without, life
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judycolella, in a way, it's real social networking. It's much more fun. Yes, I also remember good old times without computers.
Thank you so much for your advice!
I'll try to find someone who can help me.:)

Wichtiger Beitrag

Jene, I'm glad you like it!:) It would be great if you could go to that city. Trust me, you wouldn't regret it. :)
I really had much more fun with my friends.
Computer cannot replace real life. At least, not to me.
Thank you for your kind and supportive words, I really do appreciate them.

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This reminds me of how life was before the computer age (yes, I'm that old). Back then, young people spent their days working, shopping after work and on weekends, and partying or just hanging out with each other in the evenings. To my way of thinking, that's REAL social networking! Good book - work with someone who can help you smooth out the English a little, but otherwise it was really nicely written. I like the diary format, too! Great job!

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