peppermint or candy cane?

peppermint or candy cane?
It's about a girl named Candy Cane she is very lonely.Until one day she meets Peppermint.He was nice and after he saved her from the bully they fell in love and find out what happened and i hope you like it cause i'm not so good at writing books very much so please comment.if you like it please i'm begging you if you could just Favorite if you really liked the book :D But i hope you do like it please! I Changed the book a lot so please read it over!!!

Peppermint Candy cane
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Ayumi Chizu

I think this story is an awesome idea, but when I read it I feel like that's all i'm reading is an idea. Draw the story out, add some dialogue, some suspense and action and you'll definitely have a wonderful book. ^-^

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