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The Masked Outcasts

The Masked Outcasts
Libby Trucco always had one dream. She wanted to save the world from all of the troubles that people threw at others. She wanted to be a legend, a hero, a superhero of the ages. Clearly, though, since she was eighteen, this dream was not happening any time soon.

Although when her tightly knit together community in Miami, Florida is hit by a startling amount of homicides and burglaries all by the same guy, who kills his victims after taking everything, Libby is determined to be the one to save the town.

Although, there was one problem.

She needed a crew.

Clearly, Libby was not going to be able to take down a serial killer/ secret mastermind alone. So to help herself, she recruits Blake Richard, the nerd with technology skills to pay the freaking bills, Ace Crawford, the charming ladies man able to charm anything out of anyone, Ruby Crawford, her ex-best friend and expert thief, and Xander and Sadie Lysander, the two twins who have physical assets--that meaning they can beat the crap out of anyone they need to.

Well, maybe there are two problems, the second one going by the name Lucille Hemmings, the rotten homecoming who has ruined more lives than Hitler.

Every single person in Libby's little ring of masked hooligans has a secret, each one more deadly as they go on. After dubbing themselves the masked outcasts, Libby realizes that those secrets could lead to the masked thief/murderer.

And no matter how many secrets you keep, they're all going to escape somehow.

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