The Lemon Shop

The Lemon Shop
Farrah Jo was your average shy library geek. She didn’t come out of the shadows, she was comfortable there, she loved it there, and it was her home there. She didn’t want to go to every party with every popular person with her socialite mother, and she most certainly didn’t want to throw around the loads of money that her family seemed to own towards the little people of her school. So she kept her identity as the rich mom’s daughter locked away and hoped that no one would ever find out.

Farrah’s job was to work at the town’s lemon shop, where they sold anything and everything to do with lemons—perfumes, juice, plain lemons, lotions, potions, there was no end—and she liked working there with the kind, elderly lady who always smiled at her when she walked in.

That was of course where the biggest cliché known to man walked in on his two perfect legs.

Travis Owens was NOT your little biblical good boy quarterback for the football team. No, if anything, he was more satanic than the rest. After one loud, crazy party with a lot of vodka and little parental supervision, his parents force him to work at his crazy grandma’s lemon shop, much to his dismay.

After Travis and Farrah meet at the shop, Travis’ grandma forcing Farrah to train Travis to work, the two start arguing left and right, not one good decision is made. But maybe, just maybe, Travis and Farrah weren’t meant to be enemies.

Could they be friends?

Could this all work out in the small town lemon shop?

© Riley Waverly July 2, 2014 at 11:07 p.m. Do not twist, steal, save, manipulate, spin-off, or speak my words without my permission or else legal actions (and possibly homicidal actions) will be taken against you. STAY AWAY FROM THE ‘COPY’ OPTION ON YOUR COMPUTER AND WE’LL GET ALONG JUST FINE! *Slowly puts down knife* and we can all be friends *grins like maniac* friends we will be.


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