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Ha Ha Ha

Ha Ha Ha

With people like Donald Trump, Kanye West and Mark Rothko expressing ideas and concepts into the field of the masses, there is a common theme of freedom of expression. Wrong or right, the worst of the worst should be accepted. There should be no boundaries between the bad or good, the author advocates against Derrida's deconstructionist philosophy but doesn't chuck it entirely. The society we live in is harshly analytical and critical, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it gets in the way of the freethinking process as the overanalytical pseudointellectuals of the 21st Century are philosophizing with hammers like Nietzsche instead of contributing to the conversation. It is important to freely express any concepts, however good or bad. No more labels, no more overthinking things anymore. Just let everything fall into place. But let's have every ear hear what the other person has to say and stop being conversational narcissists. This piece of experimental literature aims to touch upon information science and individual people using sociology. Indeed, 'Ha Ha Ha' is about introspection and epistemological nihilism and logical paradoxes. The main theme is simply to 'love everyone', akin to the message of Mr. West's "ye" full-length record, but it isn't naive and recognizes polarization and division amongst the masses. Stop overthinking everything, stop trying to be 'smart', 'cool', 'interesting', just be yourself and let everything fall into place. No more labels.

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