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Dreaming of Life

Dreaming of Life
"I hate you! You don't deserve life after how bad you made someone feel. Go and die."

Her birthday wish came true.

Killed in a hit and run accident, Yelda's soul makes the transition to the spirit world, and someone of whom she shares a special bond with was dreaming about her. Mysteriously, Yelda was pulled into that dream, and was forevermore cursed to live out the main character in any person's dreams.

She'll repeatedly be killed, repeatedly fall in love, repeatedly live in this horrible cycle. Until one day, she finds a small insignificant thread to her curse, and if she investigates it she may just be able to find out the why to it all and eventually stop it all.

Will she live forever in peace? Will the clue turn out to be nothing, and she continues to live her horrible life? Or, will her soul be able to enter one others body and return to life as it was before she was killed?

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Did you make that cover? It's so cool! It was the first thing that catch my eyes =) It makes me want to read the book...right now on page 8?

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Wichtiger Beitrag

Yay :) I'm so glad that you liked it!
I've been writing alot more of it but its saved on my computer, I'll get around to updating the actual file on here soon.
Out of all my novels both posted on here and not, this one is my favourite too.
Just you wait and see if Yelda comes back or not...... c:
Love you dear readers <3 xo

Wichtiger Beitrag

OMFG!!! this book was gr8!! so far u better ryt more! no book iv read has been like this! frickin imense :) so unique! classsic 1! wait, im i over doin it? ha! u dnt care, i love ur book! imean tht ina good way LoL

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