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The Love That Seemed Like It Couldn't Happen

Will This Love Work? Would He Want Me? Von:
The Love That Seemed Like It Couldn't Happen

This is a book about love that has once happened but then she couldn't let go of her feelings toward him later on in life. I wonder what will happen he comes back to her school and see that she hasn't moved on. Did he already move on?


Hi! I'm Jessica! I'm a 16 year old girl, I had a boyfriend names Brandan. We were together for at last a year. Something happened that made him break up with me, he didn't explain anything about he's reasons for it. Later on he moved, I still could get him out of my mind. What's going to happen when he all of suddens move into town? Did he forget me? Would he want me back? This are questons that are running through my mind right now.


Hi! I'm Brandan! I'm a 16 year old boy, I had a girlfriend names Jessica. We were together for I'm guessing about half a year, I can't remember. I heard that she was/or is cheating on me. I dumped her after that. I moved a little after all that happen which I'm guessing is a good thing. Well I moved back for the last year of High School, I wonder what will happen when I see her after two years away. Does she still have feelings towards me? This questions keep going through my mind.

Love, Romance, Bad Ass, Unbelieveable, OMG!!
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matthew haney

i loved that part now i cant wait till the first half comes out and yes i think you can do a sequel

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