Déjà vu

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Déjà vu
have you ever been somewhere you dont remember but remember

deja vu
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I could read your poem over and over.
It is like a memory, I like the way it draws me into my own memories of places I have been.

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Something about this piece grabbed me instantly. Perhaps the pyramidal structure of the first four lines. Certainly the images. You used no punctuation, and that added to the flow of the words oddly enough. Kudos.
I loved how you rhymed certain words WITHIN the lines, also, and not at the ends. Inventive and effective. Your ending; the last three lines, however, are the most powerful.
I might suggest one tiny thing if I may;... mehr anzeigen

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I am fascinated by reincarnation. Your poetry speaks of things which have happened before. I love how you write about the mind playing tricks and fragments of memory. The words were woven in a complex yet simple way. It was very enjoyable to read.

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