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Fun In The Sun

User: repgreece
Fun In The Sun
Sally Fitzroy Smith moved from London to the Greek island of Crete to be with her best friend Fay and to live the dream of working as a tour guide on the beautiful island in the sun. Fay soon became romantically involved with a travel company owner, Adam, and got Sal a job working for his company. Everything seemed to be going fantastically until sal did her first tour and had to cope with one disaster after another. Her co worker, Nick, didn't help either. He did nothing but tease and make fun of her. Despite this however, Nick and Sal became good friends. The end of the summer season came and Nick decided to go back to the UK for the winter with his girlfriend, Jen.
Now it is the beginning of a new summer season and Nick is back but sal wants to know why he didn't keep in touch with her as he had promised to. How can he explain that it was because he had wanted to get her out of his head? He had a girlfriend, Jen, but was she the one for him? Why was he constantly thinking about Sal? Why couldn't he keep his eyes off her? And why was she so unaware of his feelings for her? His girlfriend wasn't due to arrive in Crete until later that week. Maybe this was a chance for him to get closer to Sal and have a bit of adventure along the way.

Romance, love, fun, friends, summer
Beiträge und Kommentare
Wichtiger Beitrag

A warning to everybody: this book is not finished and it seems it never will!!!
Apart from that, this book is really slow. Nothing happens, i am very frustrated and only kept going because i wanzed to know if they get together.
I read a lot of books here , also short ones and where the gramma isn‘t good, but this was one of the most frustrating and annoying books.
Sorry if I am ranting and not very constructive, but i am really angry.

Wichtiger Beitrag

Please add more..........when are you going to add more

Wichtiger Beitrag

I think this is not the end please add more...............

Wichtiger Beitrag

great job!!!!!! i cant wait to see what happens :) i totally hope that sal and nick get together!!

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