Enemy's to Friends to Lovers

why this had to happen Von:
Enemy's to Friends to Lovers
Avalon Jackson is a girl that hate Tyler Kendall with a passion. What happen when the school and they parents made them spent time together. Avalon and Tyler start to do more then what people think they doing.

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Enemy's to Friends to Lovers
why this had to happen
Friend, benefits, love, life
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WAY TO MUCH grammatical mistakes WAY TO MUCH slang it made no literal sense I couldn't even get through them going out of school. It made so little sense I just quit reading it.

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i kinda just filled in the words on where they needed to be

you need to use your imagination

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sarah oliver

good story but to much cussing I like a book that has some cussing in it but u really shouldn't of used the n word but other that that it was an amazing book actually very fun to read and it was hard to stop reading lol

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Tooba Ahmad

Plz update......and i loved every bit of that grammar...lol it sounded so danm funny, but a good funny, plz update and finish this book

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It was a great plot but the grammar was so bad that I couldn't finish. Sorry :/

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yea same .. wish it had better grammar and cursing


well less cursing lol



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