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A Cry In the Night

A Cry In the Night
Jared is looking for his companion, Aracane. Whom he lost in the unexpected storm. He finds her in an abandoned mill but she's scared out of her wits. Will Jared have the means to coax her out or is he going to find something out for himself?

Fantasy, Knights, Storm, Fears, Love
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A lovely written work, showing how even in those we love, we can fear to trust

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Wow, I have to say that I am not totally into the "lovey-dovey" genre, but I really enjoyed this. Nice writing!:)

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You have so much potential with your writing!! I can not wait to read more and see what happens next! I love books about love stories and you have got a great one in the making!!

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I have a question for you then, Pamel

I am not afraid of lightning but I decided this character would. Do you think I caught the feeling and emotion well? Do you think I need improvement?

And suggestions would be greatly appreciated :D

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