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A Little and Her Alpha Mommy

A Little and Her Alpha Mommy

Nevra Actovezt is a highly and renowned Lawyer in Canada, she puts the worst of the worst in prison and makes sure they are found guilty of every evil deed that they have ever done in their entire life. Her life is wonderful she would even consider it to be perfect, she has everything that she ever wanted and behind closed doors she leads the strongest Werewolf pack in the world
Blut und Vertrauen "Blood and Trust" won by her brute strength and the blood that runs in her veins.  She's as happy as she can be until an unknown uncle dumps his estate and everything inside it on her. At first it looked like it would be a good time until she encounters a sizzling force that she can’t resist no matter how many times she tries. Will Nevra be able to overcome this distraction or will it put her life and her pack life at risk? Will this be the end of the only Female Alpha in the world ?

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