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Celestial Assassin Section Three

User: Remy Fick
Celestial Assassin Section Three

My name's Casey Monroe. I'm the expert around here, so let me catch you up.  See that yellow, dandruff-like glow wafting off your skin? That's Pollen, a magical substance that Celestials, like you,  ingest and burn in order to rise to higher planes of existence.


Oh, and by the way, you're an assassin, sort of.


See, Celestials can only die if they're brought down to the mundane plane of earth. And you're really good at that. So you don't exactly do the killing, but there's still blood on your hands.  And the word along the mystic roadway is that it's soon to be my blood.


Like I said, I'm Casey Monroe, and I think you're here to kill me.

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Oakland, CA

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And jist so's we're clear, I am not talking about folks who expressed their
anger and frustration by voting for a fool because they hoped the fool would
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talked themselves into believing that a born-rich greedhead cares about them,
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