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What can we do when or if there is nuclear radiation because of an accident or war

Guidebook without any unnecessary burden Von:
User: Ruby Blue
What can we do when or if there is nuclear radiation because of an accident or war
Our guidebook “What to do when or if there is nuclear radiation because of an accident or war“ is an absolutely necessary advisor to provide you with measures and suggestions as to your behavior in the case of an emergency after a nuclear accident or in a war when nuclear weapons are used.

Dear readers,
dear seekers for help and advice,
This book has been written to let you know which preparing steps to take for yourself and your beloved ones if something occurs that we hope will never occur. Have you ever thought of how to take responsibility in a case of emergency? Did you know that you can protect yourself and the members of your family so that there will be a chance to survive? It is all about knowing how to be able to do this!
When reading this guidebook, you will get well-chosen tips and suggestions as to what to do, what to buy and what food to eat.
These suggestions have been successfully applied by suffering Japan to survive their nuclear disaster.
And you will find advice and lists of items in case you have to leave your house or even your country spontaneously in order to be able to protect yourself.

But have a look at the table of contents and find a lot of information when having a first glance into the book.

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You don't want to think about problems like nuclear radiation? You prefer keeping your eyes closed? Do you really think this is a good idea? This behaviour is typical of people who act like victims. But if you want to be the boss of your life - which you can decide at any second - you need information. And this is exactly what you can find in the book about nuclear radiation. You will find a lot of advice what you can do to... mehr anzeigen

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