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The Agreement

The Agreement

Rich, smart, and straight up sexy, Adam Sterling, has been with his girlfriend For as long as he can remember, but when he proposes she breaks up with him. Left heartbroken and lonely Adam decides to takes matters into his own hands. He decides to open an interview for an assistant to find a woman who would have his baby for a great deal of money, but he was not expecting the beautiful kate to walk into his office.

Kate Daniels is your typical shopaholic. When she can't pay for her townhouse for the next three months she is forced to find a job and lucky for her there looking for an assistant. But she was not expecting the sexy CEO Adam Sterling or the fact that he wasn't looking for an assistant but for a woman who would have his baby. Should she agree to have his child or walk away? But how can she when his giving her an offer she can't resist.

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by the way I have been wondering when you guys are reading this does it look ok. Like is the font size ok because there has been times when people say they can't read it. I've tried making it bigger but it just doesn't work out well. so if you guys have a better way of making the font bigger please let me know.

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I just updated it and sorry if it took me so long I couldn't find the time with school and all but just to let you all know the next two chapters have a lot of sexual constant.

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