My Life Journey ... Experiences With God 2

How To Overcome The Evil .... Turkey: the man who came in the night Von:
My Life Journey ... Experiences With God 2
This is, what I experienced so many times: facing the evil - but staying with love in the heart ... did let me overcome the most dangerous situations - and made mysterious and great changes in my life ...

I will open their eyes to the illusion of the island. Because you believe in the freedom of the trees, meadows and heards, in the excitement – which brings the loneliness of the great spaces, in the fervor of unbridled love - thou be upright growing up like a tree. But the trees that I saw growing up the most straight up - are not the ones, that thrive in freedom. Because these are in no hurry to become larger, they dawdle in their rise and only rise high in meanderings. While the tree of the jungle, beset by enemies, who rob him of his place in the sun, stormed to the urgency of a call - in vertical sweep to the sky. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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