A Katriona DeLeon Mystery Von:
User: redkite
When two people are found dead from no apparent cause, Katriona DeLeon, amateur detective, is determined to crack the case which has left even the most distinguished detectives baffled. But as the case becomes ever deeper, she begins to wonder who she really can trust... And only after it's too late does she realise she's bitten off far more than she can chew...

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A Katriona DeLeon Mystery
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To everyone who's commented on my book. Just to know you've bothered to read it is fantastic. Sorry I havn't updated this in a while, just thought I'd put it on to say thanks once again. :) X

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I loved it! I thought the writing style was so mature! You really have a gift. Well done!!!!

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marvellous read
It flowed along without giving much away
well done
I especially like your input information at the end of the book
I look forward to more from you

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I really enjoyed your story and you have me wondering who did it. Let me know when you write more. Serena

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I'm really enjoying this so far. Looking forward to reading more! I can't believe you're only 13 and you're writing stuff at this level- amazing!

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this is rlly good and u must continue :) Hope u read my 'My Haunted Past' too :) pls comment, dear :)

- Sincerely, Ashlynn xoxoxo

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