Fleeing Callignee

A family's fight for survival. Von:
Fleeing Callignee
Black Saturday, 7 February, 2009, the most tragic natural disaster in Australia's history.

After several days with temperatures in the mid forties, many rural Victorian's were praying for the forecasted 'cool change'.

No one could have predicted what the cool change would bring with it.

A families fight for survival and a man's stuggle to move on.

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Wow Bek, you should expand this into a full book! I wasn't expecting that kind of ending, very Japanese, I loved it.
Your Friend,

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intresting work of art you are very good at this, i am happy to have read your book

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A gripping story, well told except the end is flat, without feeling. I have many separate corrections of detail to propose but there is not enough room in the small bookrix window. Cd you give me a regular email address pls?


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I loved this story. I'd never heard of "Black Saturday" til today--wasn't even aware of brush fires being a problem in your country. This was an intersting and enlightening read. Thanks for showing us this.

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amazing, moving writing! i am quite an avid reader and this is at the top of my favorites!!

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I've been impressed with all of your writing so far. You are truly gifted.
Your willingness to research is one thing a lot of writers lack. Your ability to weave a 'tale' as gripping as this one - one that makes us believe you survived this tragedy yourself, is amazing.
The little touches, such as putting the kitties in the carriers (as part of the an 'escape plan')made this seem even more real for me.
You captured me from the... mehr anzeigen

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This was a very sad, touching story Beki. I think it was accurate of what the situation would have been like and the part with Mandy, the kiddies and the poor catties was very very sad. But fantastically written. x

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Great job Rebekah! I really enjoyed this story, I felt the urgency and tension building with every word. And I was completely devastated when Mandy and her kids could not escape the fire (and those poor little kitties). I had no idea that Black Saturday was an actual disaster in Australia. I remember reading the date and wondering why you were specific about it, mentioning it twice. But now I know and I can't believe I didn't... mehr anzeigen

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