Choking On Air
Jessie's mother and sister visit her at the clinic that is treating her dual diagnoses - Anorexia and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Her treatment requires she join them for a meal at the cafeteria.

But why can't Jessie eat? And what's wrong with the air?

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I really enjoyed reading that! you had great imagery! im going to look at your other writings right now :)

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Simple and compelling. A realistic trip into the mind of an anorexic. Very well written. I enjoyed reading it.


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Love the way you think and how your able to describe it to feel like im her. Its different but completely unique!

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wz a gud buk..jst wish it wz a lil longr..den kud hv knwn mre wt da charactr goes thru..did u ryt diz stry frm sm real inspiration..? nice..

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Thanks for comment.

This story is fictional, however, I got the idea from something I read about.

Bek :)

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I can relate too well to this story. So well written and just like the thoughts of a person in the eye of the anorexia storm.

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This story story captured my curiosity of what's going to happen next. Hated to see it end so soon.

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