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Waste Nothing

Waste Nothing
The green movement has managed to elect one of their own as president, so why is that a bad thing?

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Wichtiger Beitrag

Great job, especially for a first try, but I wonder why you entered it in the frightening fiction contest, since it's too short, or were you planning on supersizing the font ;) ?

2 Kommentare

I didn't realize until after I had submitted it that it was too short. Maybe I can re-enter it when they have a short story contest?

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Wichtiger Beitrag

There were some small areas that could have used ironed out, grammatically speaking, and there wasn't much of any characterization. But this was clearly flash fiction. You can almost never work that in. I loved the end!

1 Kommentar

thank you so much, i've never written horror before, so this was my first shot.

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