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Stormy night ride

Stormy night ride
The results of compulsive acts can be devastating

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I think your grammer should imporve, but I understand what you are trying to write. I don't really care how u write it. I can read all kinds of things. i want to tell u that ur story is really nice, (besides the gramer, i dont care) :) I hope this positive info was friendly, i tried to do as best as i can to be friendly. Anyways i like it, u need to write more! I luv longer stories to, u know :D

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I really enjoyed your short story. I have suffered from the speed demon a time or too. Keep up the good work! Roz

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Hahahaha, I'm sorry. I know this shouldn't have been funny, but I literally laughed. I just found it funny in the end. I wasn't expecting that twist, and I wish I could do what you did. Awesome job!

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I want to vote for this book and
so does my husband who is at my same e-mail. Thank you

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