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late again

User: rdlarson
late again
When is enough ENOUGH? A man wrestles with his wife on a delicate matter.

flash fiction 500 words

marriage, love, patience, forgiveness, laughter
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petra michelle

is powerful, RD! The dialogue moves the story! For a flash, it's extremely effective! Voted. Good luck, RD! Petra :))

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Good job! I know one family just like this one. Well written.

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I do know of similar instances. Remember the pill wasn't invented until 1960.
Also what does a person do in the face of such problems? I wish I knew.

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An important issue is evoked in this story which may touch many couples... But poor women seem to bear all the burden, while men's contribution is very small...voted.

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Yes, it's an issue that women face every day and in every place. Some people can't afford prevention or don't believe in it; some women feel their best attribute is to have children. Some men believe the way of eternity is to have children. I really feel for this couple. Both... mehr anzeigen

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Wow, did I ever identify with this story. My wife and I had five and they all seemed to come one right after the other. Great little quicky and fun to read. cf

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A good example of flash fiction...and a glimpse into a story most likely true to life in more families than one might think. A fine job pulled off in a few words. Wa do, Elizabeth

1 Kommentar

Thank you, Elizabeth. Do you think it's too ethnic? I didn't mean to do that when I wrote it. I'm sure myself that it's part of something else. All of my work is ongoing. Even after publishing, some characters show up in other stories. Wally Lamb does that but I didn't know I... mehr anzeigen

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Thank you for participating in our short
story writing contest "Family Stories".

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