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A Chance Encounter

A Chance Encounter

                                   It's XXX rated so no minors, SVP.


Theo groaned in ecstasy, trying with all he had to go slow and make this moment and the feelings last, it was a struggle because he really just wanted to flip her over and drive himself into her hard and fast, but with amazing self-control he managed to go the slow pace.
Aélita was feeling the same way as Theo was she was wanting to go slow but kept feeling the need to go hard and fast, and as she was on the brink of her climax she broke and started to ride him faster sinking down harder. Noticing her change in pace Theo praised the holy sex god and flipped her over not leaving her for a moment and drove himself into her hard and fast, making her scream out his name. “Yes Theo! Yes, Oh god!” She screamed as she came. Not much longer Theo thrust into her a few more times them held himself as he felt his own release.

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Christiana Hinojosa

I love reading this book because of how it reminds me that people can be together even if they are in the arm forces. I would like to know if Her and Marie along with Theo and Aelita get married.

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