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My Poems: My Thoughts, My Feelings

Wind Von:
My Poems: My Thoughts, My Feelings
Just my feelings as I looked out my window to see the wind blowing outside of my bedroom. i hope you like it and it portrayed what I felt then

wind, pleasure pain feeling
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alice haze

i love it. especially on the poem of father. that nearly bought my tears out :)
splendid ^_^

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Thank you. Hope you are not just saying that as my friend? ׶×× :):)

alice haze

duh of course not. i just fought with my dad and haven't spoke to him like a week although i love him. so that's why i felt really bad when i read that.
i meant it. ^___^


Àww, I'm sorry for being insensitive hon

alice haze

no it's ok. i'm the unsensitive teen here. i should make up to my dad soon.
:) any updates, just tell me. i will make the time :)


Yh. Make sure you do so. No matter what he is still your father

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