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Changing Fate

She decides what we deserve Von:
User: rayahfer
Changing Fate
She was named Arieanna born not from this world she had been sent here from her own she dosne't say much about her being on earth but to her only friend Kyle and the only boy she truly trusted or maybe even...loved but she was just a one of the things the government hid from you. Raised in a science lab the mysteries of a seemingly normal teenager, unravel and they are soon to find out how much she is capable of...

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♣ Ordinarily Obscure ♣

The subject of the book is great! Everything is just so good on the book. I like to go read books that have less hearts, to see their potential or see why people don't read it. I have shockingly realized, it is the cover. I hate that when people see a boring cover, they don't read it! I want to give my hearts to the ones whose books are awesome, but don't have many hearts!

I would just recommend to split them into shorter... mehr anzeigen

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thanks I dont know where to find book covers

♣ Ordinarily Obscure ♣

That's okay. I seem to read books that I would just skip because of the cover. I don't to be those lazy ones that just go looking for a good cover of vampire/werewolf.

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