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perfect disaster

User: RayaArona
perfect disaster

his finger slowly traces the curvature of my spine, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. Despite my
best attempt at pretending to be asleep, I tremble at the feather-light touch, unable to contain my reaction.
My breath hitches.


Why he do this to me?
I hate myself for it, almost as much as I hate him. And I hate him... boy, do I hate him. I've never hated
something or someone so much in my life before. I hate his hair, his smile, his eyes. I hate the words he says
to me and the raspy tone of his voice. I hate the things he does, the man he is.

I hate the way he treats me, the way he affects me, the way his hands inflict the worst kind of pain before somehow igniting a fire within me. It burns deep, raw passion and desire mixing with the purest agony.
I hate it.
I hate it.
I fucking hate it.

I want to run away.

But I don't because I know he'll just catch me if I do.

He did it before.

his finger trails up my spine as i close my eyes, willing myself not to feel it


Every traitorous cell inside my body is coming alive from that touch, every nerve ending sparking like live wires. 

His finger reaches the nape of my neck and once again pauses, this time for longer. Five, ten, fifteen... I count the seconds in my head, waiting for his next move... it's pointless, this is a game of chess and I can plan a counter-attack.

curiosity gets the best of me, and I wonder what he's doing, I squeeze my eyes shut tighter, trying to make sense of the movement of his finger

his finger following the same continual trail, looping, and curving

realizing after a moment what he's spelling out

his name 




Life is always mysterious, never leave us room to choose. It is also difficult to predict or find out what is in store for us tomorrow
we might like what coming we might not, but we have no choice but to accept it and deal with i


Ana, is Simple and Naive she knows nothing more than her daily Routine, and her 'Simple Secret love' for her Best Friend, And in one day everything turns upside down, Only to find herself followed by People she sees for the First time in her life and the more so she Doesn't Know why they are chasing her.


She is the girl who has always spent her life in the Shadows and her head always down


in short ...  Blindfolded


her Life train Starts when she Discovers that she has been Sold to a Strange man to become his Prostitute


and the loop goes on, by throwing her from this hand to other and from one Gang to another into the hands of Fox


she knows nothing about him Except that he is Older than her, Secretive and Killer but the Fate of her Heartbeat on his Hands


to him, she is just Mission, Dept and stupid Prat, ' Love' is not in his book, he only believes in Desire and Sex


the only thing common is they Both see each other as a disaster

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hiii, i'm sorry i've been out for pretty long while and i didn't update anything but today i did

and i hope you like it
and special thanks to everyone read and check my book and for the beautiful comments .... guys i appreciated and i'm so honored to have amazing readers as you
thank you alll

Wichtiger Beitrag

Plz update soon... great story..... Love it....

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thank you so much, i'm so happy to know that and promise i will just for you

Wichtiger Beitrag

updated 2 chapters,

please read and feel free to leave your opinion

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