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The Lotus Cross

The Lotus Cross
In this adventure mystery, an ancient manuscript is discovered, providing written confirmation of the Lotus Cross. This first century artifact carries traces of the risen Christ's blood, and its existence has been a secret for over a thousand years.

The Lotus Cross has its origins in Christ's resurrection. As Christ rose from the dead in 33 AD, the apostles and Jesus' followers rejoiced. Yet as history records, Thomas the Apostle did not witness the event and questioned the resurrection of his teacher. To placate his doubt, eight days after the resurrection, Doubting Thomas, as he would later become known, came into the presence of the risen Christ. "He touched the hands that had been nailed to the cross," writes author Ray Anderson. "And thrust his fingers into the wound made by the sword of a Roman soldier."

His doubt replaced by faith, Thomas spread the early Christian faith into the East, establishing his church in India in 54 AD. He had a bronze vessel forged to contain the preserved blood of Christ. He called it the Lotus Cross, because the cross holding the pouch with traces of the blood was fashioned upon a base shaped as a lotus flower. In the seventh century the Lotus Cross was moved to China and Christianity flourished. In the ninth century the Lotus Cross was hidden to protect it from those seeking to destroy it. It would remain lost until a recent discovery.

In an age of advanced scientific techniques and recombinant DNA analysis, the blood-flecked pouch hidden within the Lotus Cross could yield the key to the second coming of Christ. Professor Michael Drake sets off to find the ancient artifact. With the help of other archaeologists, the British Secret Service and members of a secret Christian group, he uncovers the secret within the Lotus Cross, but not without great risk.

RAY ANDERSON is an ordained minister in the United Centers for Spiritual Living, an organization based on the teachings of Ernest Holmes. Throughout his life, he has studied philosophy and several religious faiths including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and Judaism. He lives in Santa Rosa, California.

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