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Amber Barnwell

The Unusual Girl Von:
User: raerae22
Amber Barnwell
I am not a movie star.I am not a singer.I am not famous at all.I am just a regular girl of 12 years.
Here is my story.
I may or may not be normal, but I'll let you be the judge of that.

I had the Investigate done by: 4/12/13. My investigation consisted of researching Big Brother Big Sister website. I was able to complete my investigate because I was in the program once so I knew how it worked.
I had the Design done by: 4/22/13. My Design coinsisted of two possible ways to organize my essay and an explanation of which one I will actually create. I was able to to complete my design because…
I had the Plan done by: 4/22/13. My plan consists of how and when I will complete each of the six steps of the design cycle. I need to be sure to consult the website for the correct dates.
I had the Create done by: 4/26/13
I plan to have the Evaluate done by:

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