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The Broken Von:
I dug my finger into the ground looking at the silent lapping of the water on the sand of the river. I wasnt completly mad at myself, i guess i was mad at my choice, or at least my mothers, for sending me to this stupid bootcamp school! I jumped towards the parana filled water ready to comit sucide, i didnt want this i couldnt take it anymore. " Stop! Brit! You have friend's and family and well you have- " what do i have, nothing ! thats what i have! You know my mom signed me up for this just to get me out of the house! she didnt want me there anymore to bother her and celia! You dont even know what i have" i interupted him, then falling silent back onto the sand where we lay side by side, hand in hand looking at the night sky. I turned to meet Damen's face and cleared my throught i almost crying shaking inside, i let out a shakey sigh "its just-i started to cry uncontrollably" well-uh-my-y-y-y mmom signned me up for thhis and wewell i didnt sign upp for some bababoot camp thatt leaves me alone witth only a coupple of peoplle to watch ovver me wwho happenn to bebee my age and i umm, i dont know i geuss i geuss i dont want this". I said curling up burying my face in damens chest he relaxed his mucsle and layed his head on my chest.

" Brit, i mean Britney, you well you have- " what do i have" i said silently crying, " you have me" he whispered into my ear. My stomach fluttered then did a triple backflip, i blushed and turned away, he had like me no he had loved me all along, and well i didnt know what to think, then he turned me to him. his breath so close and cold, blowing on my face, we were so close then he kissed me. Not just any normal kiss, a make-out lip biting head holding kiss, that was still going on, he was about to pull away when i kissed him back pulling him tighter to me kissing softly but hard, tears slipping down my face.
And i knew one thing at that moment.
I Had Loved Him Two.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Broken"
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The Broken
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it sounds like a really goos book please write more soon !! thanks !!

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