The Divine Comedy

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The Divine Comedy
This is a story about the nothingness of mankind and each human on their personal level. A tale of mankind’s absurd.
It is miming the pathetic nature of a human, the inexcusableness of their negligence and total unwillingness to change for the better but vice versa, degrading into the darkest abyss, such as the Mariana trench or something. With a strong accent on fictionalizing the ridiculous.
But it is impossible to spill slops upon the heads of humans for the length of one hundred ninety-nine pages without giving an illustrative account of all the facts in detail, without an extensive analysis of their actions, and the consequences these actions bring. With everything that would prop up this moral tale and all the obscenities barked out at humans at a gulp, and in such an unorthodox way, advice them all to stay in closer touch with themselves and those they, either consciously or unintentionally (subconsciously), oppress.
Cos the aims they get so maniacally obsessed with cost nothing at all in the end.
As a result, such a project will inevitably wind up into a sort of picturesque depiction of a certain algorithm of humans’ actions developed from the author’s cumulative analysis of events and situations humans creates for themselves and the rest on Earth by their actions, or through the lack thereof.
The mitosis of this incredible analytical venture is presented for your contemplation right below your eyes—with the daughter nucleus grander than its parent one.
And the adamant hope that yours be even grander.

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