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Bound By Birth

User: wheel42
Bound By Birth
After decades in “Corporate America,” Paul, his wife and two young boys take the leap and move away from the hectic rat race of the northeast to begin a new life in the Florida Keys, a life free of long commuting, never-ending deadlines, clawing and scratching and working for “The Man." This new life is built on dreams of running a successful business built from the ground up. A better quality of life focused on family and love. A life they can call their own.
The family settles in and the old cannery that Paul transforms into a restaurant and bar is successful and running smoothly. Life is calm and pleasant and everything Paul and his wife hoped it would be.

But even the best laid plans can unknowingly allow a twisted and tortured mind to creep in. Acquaintances made on an internet social group, even when common interests bind the group members together like pregnancy and the birth of children, uncover a psychopath bent on assuming another's life that they feel rightfully belongs to them - and nothing will stand in the way - not even being Bound By Birth.
Readers who enjoy fast-paced thrillers have and will enjoy BOUND BY BIRTH, a novel that combines fiction with the reality of literal identity theft, yielding a story as compelling as the latest headlines.

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Hey Randall,
I have to say it has taken me a while to read your book especially at home with 3 children but I loved it!!!!!! You pay very close attention to detail and there was never a dull moment. You kept me in suspense all the time. Hope to read more of your work. Thanks again!

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Hey I just wanted to make my first comment ever on here! I'm reading this right now at work and let me tell you, I honestly can not look away from it. I love the suspense, the attention to detail, and the overall plot. I haven;t finished it yet but I am looking forward to this weekend. you have a great talent for writing and I hope you succeed in all that you do! Take care

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