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Young Hunters Of The Lake

Young Hunters Of The Lake
This Story Is Complete In Itself But Forms Volume Three Of A Line
Known Under The General Title Of "Boy Hunters Series," And Taking
In Adventures In The Field, The Forest, And On The River And Lake,
Both In Winter And Summer.

The Boys Of These Stories Are Bright, Wide-Awake Lads Of To-Day, With
A Taste For Rod And Shotgun, And A Life In The Open Air. They Know A
Good Deal About Fishing And How To Shoot, And Camp Life Is No New
Thing To Them. In The First Volume, Entitled, "_Four Boy Hunters_,"
They Organize A Little Club Of Four Members And Go Forth For A
Summer Vacation. They Have Such Good Times That, When Winter Comes
On, They Resolve To Go Camping Again, And Do So, As Related In The
Second Volume, Called "_Guns And Snowshoes_." In That Story They
Fall Victims To A Blizzard, And Spend A Most Remarkable Christmas;
But, Of Course, All Ends Happily.

In The Present Story, Summer Is Once More At Hand, And Again The Boy
Hunters Venture Forth, This Time Bound For A Large Lake A Good Many
Miles From Their Home Town. They Have A Jolly Cruise On The Water,
Fall In With A Very Peculiar Old Hermit, And Are Molested Not A
Little By Some Rivals. They Likewise Follow Up Two Bears, And Are
Treated To A Ghost Scare Calculated To Make Anybody's Hair Stand On
End. What The Ghost Proved To Be I Leave The Pages Which Follow
To Reveal.

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